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Data Quality

Asseco Data Correction Manager allows you to automatically and manually apply corrections and supplement financial data, as well as to export the changes to other systems. The ability to approve or reject corrections provides clarity and insight into the history of the entire process. If you want to make sure your financial data are error-free, choose Asseco Data Correction Manager!

With Asseco Data Correction Manager you will:

  • Eliminate the risk of errors even in very complex corrections
  • Reduce costs throughout the entire process
  • Improve the quality of reporting information
  • Reduce the time needed to get consistent data
  • Gain the ability to audit and track processes
  • Achieve data integrity across all systems

Take advantage of the unique features of the solution:

  • User credentials management
  • Multi-stage correction acceptance process
  • Synchronization with other systems – data warehouse, general ledger
  • Intuitive handling without IT specialists

Learn more about the modules of Asseco Data Correction Manager

  • Add and modify mapping dictionaries used for data transformation
  • Limit the allowed values in dictionaries using validation rules
  • View and edit dictionary data
  • Control the applications by changing parameters
  • Export/import data from tables to business user-friendly formats, e.g. xls, pdf, txt
  • Mechanisms for synchronization with an external system

  • Correct financial data with involvement from employees – according to a defined process, roles and schedule
  • Automatically correct financial data – based on data from a file or generated periodically and based on algorithms and historical records
  • Import corrections to interlinked systems

  • Generate reconciliation corrections for transactions of companies within a capital group
  • Generate elimination corrections for transactions of companies within a capital group
  • Import corrections of mutual transactions to interlinked systems

  • Manage a capital group’s structure
  • Generate consolidation corrections within a capital group
  • Export consolidation corrections for the needs of related systems

Do you want to structure and shorten your organization’s
financial data handling process?

Use Asseco Data Correction Manager.