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Data Warehouse Asseco Business Data Model

Asseco Business Data Model presents data in the form of data marts (data repositories) focusing on a selected business area, e.g. sales or customer behavior analysis. It provides consistent management information with focus on data for: product, customer and contract profitability analysis. They are described in clear business terms, making them easy to understand and simplifying reporting processes.

Optimize costs and processes

  • simplification of the reporting process
  • reduction of reporting costs
  • the ability to obtain a detailed analysis of the financial results
  • automation of the reporting process

Explore the unique features of BDM

  • business terms
  • consistent and transparent data model
  • independent of source systems
  • wide range of information
  • multidimensional analyses at various levels of detail
  • predefined and ready for implementation

Do you want to better use the potential of your data?

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