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Asseco Data Analytics

Asseco Data Analytics allows you to analyze data that are automatically retrieved from source systems and applications: spreadsheets, data warehouses, CRM and ERP systems. Asseco Data Analytics integrates data in one place and speeds up data analysis. The built-in visualization mechanisms eliminate the need for manually creating presentations, conclusions and results. Analysis results in an attractive and clear form can be easily shared as graphic files, tables with charts, or dashboards.

With Asseco Data Analytics:

  • Create consistent reports from different areas
  • Gain access to complete sets of information
  • Save your employees’ time
  • Support management decision making
  • Increase the attractiveness and readability of data

Easily customize the system

Take advantage of the flexible configuration of Asseco Data Analytics.
  • Adjust it to your business needs
  • Integrate it with different data sources
  • Choose a modern technology

Effective analysis of bank operations in QlikSense.

Take advantage of ready-to-use management reports from Asseco Data Analytics.
Study KPIs and analyze data on interactive charts.

Evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing sales plans and marketing activities. See how individual bank units and employees are performing. See who has the best results.

Study customer profitability and see how it changes over different periods. Gain insight into the volume and value of contracts acquired, carefully analyze operations and complex dispositions.

Learn about the detailed structure of customers. See which of the products offered are the most popular, and which have not found much recognition among customers.

Create detailed analyses tailored to your bank's individual needs. Freely filter data on interactive charts. Select values that interest you with a single click.

Find out how to make effective analyses
and create attractive reports
with Asseco Data Analytics!