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Data Warehouse Asseco Meta Manager

Asseco Meta Manager is an efficient tool for defining dictionary values, data transformation rules and handling processes in the data warehouse. It is an intuitive and easy to use tool for business users to modify data and manage processes on their own.

Make task implementation easier and faster.
With Asseco Meta Manager you gain:

  • Reduction of data warehouse development and maintenance costs
  • Self-management of metadata by business staff
  • A process management tool and reduction of the time needed to process data
  • Flexibility in customizing the features to meet user needs
  • Control of process parameters with a single tool
  • Management of access to resources

Explore the possibilities of Asseco Meta Manager

Efficient work with large data sets secured by control mechanisms and access management.

Transformation of technical data into easy-to-understand business terms using transformation dictionaries.

Creating data quality rules to validate imported data.

Defining tasks, processes and process trees. The module uses the business process management engine.

Do you want to better use the potential of your data?

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