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Data Warehouse Asseco Calculation Engines

Asseco Calculation Engines support the analyses of profitability and efficiency evaluations. They help you detect the most profitable products, customers, and branches in your organization. They support marketing strategy analysis and the process of targeting recipients of your company’s products and services.

Monitor, control, support

  • Meeting regulatory requirements for financial institutions
  • Controlling the activities of the organization’s branches
  • Inclusion of current market information
  • Monitoring the performance of organization at any level
  • Supporting marketing processes and sales analyses
  • Supporting managerial decisions

Learn more about Asseco Calculation Engines modules:

Allows you to determine internal transfer prices to measure the effectiveness of business branches. For banks, it meets the requirements of Recommendation P regarding liquidity risk management.

Allows you to calculate profitability at each level of detail, taking into account the allocation of synthetic costs and revenues of the entire organization to lower levels.

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