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Big Data Asseco Data Lake

Asseco Data Lake collects data from various sources such as e-mail, www and social media. It provides easy and quick access to collected resources for analysis. The obtained results and conclusions allow you to identify customers’ needs and support the creation of an effective sales and marketing strategy. If you want to use the potential of data for your business growth, choose Asseco Data Lake!

With Asseco Data Lake:

  • Identify the needs of existing and new customers
  • Create customized products and services
  • Respond faster to changing trends
  • Increase sales

Take advantage of the unique possibilities of Asseco Data Lake:

  • Aggregation of unstructured data
  • Support of a wide variety of sources
  • Analysis of historical and real-time generated resources
  • Scalable capacity of the archive

Check out Asseco Archive Database and archive data without limits!