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Data Warehouse Asseco Data Warehouse

Asseco Data Warehouse is a Business Intelligence system which integrates and provides unified and coherent data from various sources for analytical and reporting purposes. It provides reliable information necessary to effectively monitor key areas of your business and to support appropriate business decisions. Manage your data with convenience and flexibility. Automate processes and rules to create reports and analyses faster.

Key advantages of Asseco Data Warehouse:

  • a single and consistent source of data
  • information flow improvement
  • increase in product sales and profitability
  • reduction of operating costs maintenance costs
  • easy to expand solution

Choose the best implementation model

Decide how you want to use Asseco Data Warehouse:
on premise your organization’s own IT environment
System as a Service (SaaS) public cloud
System as a Service (SaaS) private cloud
Choose solutions customized to your needs:
Klasyczna data warehouse
Big Data solutions
Data warehouse extensions
With Asseco, you can also build a data warehouse tailored to the needs of your business:
Built from scratch
Customized to your data
Adjusted to your business to your business sector

Explore the possibilities of Asseco Data Warehouse

Imports data from source systems using ETL tools along with built-in data cleaning processes.

Responsible for integration, quality control and transformation of data from technical to business terms.

Presents data in the form of data marts. They are described in clear business terms, which makes them easy to understand and simplifies reporting processes.

Provides quick access to information in Asseco Data Warehouse thanks to predefined reports and management dashboards.

Make the right decisions and build a competitive advantage!
Explore the full potential of Asseco Data Warehouse.