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Asseco Data Analytics Management information

Use management reports and manage your bank effectively. The Management Information module is an effective analytical tool for banks. It contains a set of ready-made reports that allow you to monitor the business situation of your institution and units. It provides easy access to the analysis results in QlikSense, via a web browser. It allows you to maintain the highest standards of data security and confidentiality. It provides valuable support in adapting business activities to changing market conditions and customer preferences.

Business analytics – higher sales of banking products.

Choose an effective analytical tool for banks.
What do you gain from Asseco Data Analytics?

Full picture of the situation of the bank and its branches

Increase the effectiveness of sales activities

Support in making business decisions

Facilitating the operational management of the bank

Clear presentation of data in different views

Intuitiveness and ease of use of the solution

Use management reports. See how your bank can earn more.

With Asseco Data Analytics, you will conduct a thorough business analysis. You will examine the effectiveness of the bank and its employees. You will check the effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns. You will also find out what your customers value. See what data management reports provide.

You gain detailed data on the bank’s operations and its employees. You can measure their efficiency and commitment to daily tasks. You are provided with insight into all recorded activities, as well as holidays or days off. You know how many new contracts a given employee has signed and whether they have acquired new customers. Importantly, you have easy access to all the information in one place.

You keep track of sales trends for the entire bank and conduct business analysis of their effectiveness. You verify the number and value of all newly opened contracts, current accounts, deposits and loans. You know how many of them were closed on a daily, monthly or annual basis. You know the performance of individual units, employees and products. You can perform comparative analysis and filter the data freely.

You analyze the implementation of sales plans – quarterly and annual, in terms of amounts and quantities. You can measure the dynamics of activities and the percentage of execution of plans at any time. You verify the effectiveness of sales for the entire organization, as well as for individual types of contracts, employees or branches. You have access to clear charts showing sales plans, the level of their execution and the prediction of execution for a given period at different levels of detail.

You study the profitability of the bank’s customers and track its variation over time. With one click you compare data for contracts, customers and branches. You see information by voivodeship and municipality on an interactive map. You create comparative analyses of income for different periods. You access rankings and quickly identify changes in trends. You make better business and marketing decisions.

Asseco’s effective analytical tool allows you to analyze payment card volumes in detail. This way you gain accurate information on corporate and retail customers. You can verify them both by card type and bank units. This allows you to see which ones were most frequently issued during a certain period. In addition, you can easily associate them with individual accounts and customers.

Management reports make it easy to conduct detailed analysis of ongoing banking operations. You know the exact number of accrual, online, non-cash and cash operations in each unit. You gain data on their value and the share of different types of operations. You make a business analysis and study changes over time. You can also see which employee recorded the selected operation.

You gain access to the most detailed data on customer activity. You know which channels they use. You know the number and value of new agreements established in electronic and traditional banking. You can quickly analyze instructions over time and know how many of them were accepted or rejected. You analyze all the data on easy-to-read charts, so you can see what processes need to be improved.

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